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This page contains programming projects that are no longer in active development.

LiveshowRMP is a realtime client/server presentation program written in python with OpenGL acceleration on the display and a GTK user interface. I wrote it for a holiday club for kids my mum was involved with (I used to run the tech and play music for it), it was designed to deal with the chaos of working with primary school kids, allowing for changes of plan at very short notice. I left home, and the holiday club, for one year my friend andrew continued to use it, then he left too and there wasn't anyone with any kind of tech background left, so it stopped being used. It didn't pick up a user base (I think partly because no-one was entirely sure what it did), so when I reached a point where python 3 was released and I wanted to rewrite sections of it in C I decided that since no-one was using it, it wasn't worth it.

XMCE was my first project of any size and was the Xorg Modular Configuration Editor, the idea being to provide a way to edit the xorg.conf that would give a similar interface whether or not X was working, it was also intended to support translations. It was written in a mixture of python and bash. When the xorg.conf began to be phased out I stopped writing it since it was primarily the nvidia cards that still required it, and I was going to be playing catchup to nvidia-settings. 2012