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This aim of this page is to collect some of my little side projects. These are things I wrote to fulfill a specific need, but did not develop into full blown applications. I hope they will be of use to someone.

Background Remover Download
An image background removal tool written in Python 2.
What it does (roughly) is remove the background shown in one image from another leaving only the foreground. The example below is 2 examples of my "art". The background is a desktop image I made for someone, the foreground is scribbling over it in gimp.
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TracerDAQ CSV Reader Download
A library for reading csv files exported from TracerDAQ written in Python 2.
TracerDAQ is a datalogging program. It chokes on its own csv when importing it back, also it isn't very good at analysis anyway. Hopefully this will make writing a python analyser for the data a little easier.
Simple Video Output Selector Download
A simple bash script for selecting an X screen for video playback.
Uses xmessage to provide a very simple gui for selecting the output device. This was produced for use on the server. I hope this is a useful start point for someone wanting to do a similar task.
Mplayer_music Download
Bash script to queue files to a running mplayer process or launch one if nessacary.
When this is run with a file argument, it will launch mplayer to play the file. If there is already a file playing it will append it to the playlist instead. xmessage is used to provide a dialog to stop playback. This was produced for use on the server.
Roman Numeral Converter Library Download
Library for Python 2 and 3 to convert integers to and from roman numeral strings.
I was reading this and thought I'd have a go.
Star Coordinate Calculator Download
Star coordinate calculator, also list of points to svg polygon format converter.
Used to produce the points for an svg star for the hexagongame. The point conversion function outputs to the format for the "points" property of the svg polygon element. 2012